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Torch Lake as a Tourist

Everything You Need to Know About Torch Lake as a Tourist

Known as the third most beautiful lake in the world, a visit to Torch Lake is anything but underwhelming. The area is rich in natural beauty and modern developments for some touristy fun, so it is a choice worth making when looking for some downtime away from the daily grind. Reported by Natural Geographic to be the Caribbean's deep blue, the lake’s water is a treat for eyes sore from staring at screens.

From soaking in the sun at the Torch Lake Sandbar to enjoying the best of water sports including swimming, sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding for free with your stay at the Torch Lake Bed and Breakfast, a holiday with us has so much to offer. The Torch Lake B and B is the only bed and breakfast in the area, so you can be certain to enjoy a stretch of spectacular views during your stay at our property.

For those who enjoy snorkeling in deep blue waters, your stay with us comes with a free snorkeling pass. And for your early morning adventures, there are two wineries nearby, which can make up for equally fun late evening strolls. Not only that, there is so much more to explore and enjoy in the vicinity. Read on to begin planning your getaway with us.

The history of Torch Lake dates back 10 thousand years when the Ancient Lake Algonquin rose well above the sea level at a height of 656 feet. One of its beaches was 75 feet above the current shoreline of the Torch Lake. That area now has white pine woodlands. Fast forward to a 1000 years back the current Torch Lake was down to 581 feet above sea level and new people settled there.

These people were called the First People who later took up the identity of the tribes of the Three Fires - Chippewa, Potawatomi, and Ottawa. These people actively indulged in activities of building wigwams, weaving mats, hunting animals like bears and elks, spearing fish, and tapping maple trees to add flavor to their meals. As the tribes grew and turned into a community, the Torch Lake area developed further.

The current level of the lake is surrounded by trails worn down by the inhabitants and deer and elks alike. Some old paths have been converted to roads and the area, though peaceful and serene still, has a lot of recreational opportunities to offer now. From free snorkeling among other exciting water sports at our Torch Lake B and B to picking fresh produce of fruits and vegetables from King Orchards and Providence Organic Farms, the Torch Lake vicinity has a wonderful range of fun to propose.

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Now often referred to by the title of the Caribbean of the North, Torch Lake has become a popular summertime getaway destination for tourists. Torch Lake with its pure and stunning turquoise waters, pearly white sands, and mind-boggling combination of calming activities and adrenaline-surging sports has now been seeing a growing number of people making their way to it.

Located in the northwestern part of the American state of Michigan’s lower peninsula, close to Lake Michigan in Antrim County, the Torch Lake was ranked by National Geographic as the world’s 3rd most beautiful lake. In terms of volume, Torch Lake is Michigan’s largest and deepest lake, and in terms of length, it is the state’s second-largest lake at 31 kms long.

Since the lake has a wide surface area, it is spread out and not limited to a single city. Rather, it is surrounded by multiple townships: Torch Lake Township, Milton Township, Forest Home Township, Clearwater Township, Helena Township, and Central Lake Township. The Torch lake actually makes up a portion of the Elk River Chain of lakes and it is said to be the bluest and the biggest among the chain, stretching for 19 miles from Rapid City to Eastport.

Some lesser known fun facts about this gorgeous lake that you should know are:

  • 60 percent of the surface water in Grand Traverse Bay is supplied by the Chain of Lakes.
  • The name “Torch Lake” actually derives from the native word Waswaaganing, which means “lake of the torches. The native men used to carry birch torches as they made their way close to the waters to lure and hunt large fish.
  • The Chain of Lakes dates back to the Ice Age when it was formed by glaciers. A very narrow strip of land separates it from being a part of Lake Michigan.
  • The Upper and Lower Chain of Lakes is separated by a dam in the city of Bellaire.
  • The water of Torch Lake is crystal clear which attracts predator birds to it as clear water aids them in hunting. Therefore, you can expect to see a variety of birds in the area.
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The beautiful Torch Lake of Michigan offers a wide range of water sports activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Free kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Free snorkeling
  • Paddleboarding
  • Fishing
  • And kayaking
For tourists who reach the area via a seaplane, a view of 150 miles of the shoreline welcomes them to a fun adventure. Here is everything that you can look forward to on your ride here:

While the lovely view of the lake and its surroundings are a good enough reason for you to choose to stay with us, the water activities will add the perfect flavor to your vacation. For anyone who feels at home with water and enjoys water sports, the profusion of marinas will truly delight them.

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Sailing and Windsurfing

For those staying with us at Torch Lake B and B, we provide 2 kayaks and 2 paddle boards along with fishing rods and snorkeling equipment free of charge.

Swimming and Snorkeling

You don’t just have to sit and bathe in the sun. Feel free to cool off with a dip in the refreshing waters and enjoy some lovely underwater views while snorkeling. Since the water at Torch Lake is crystal clear, you will come across lots of interesting sights down there.


Paddle Boarding has become one of our most popular water sports in recent times. As a guest at our bed and breakfast, you will have free access to our Paddle Board equipment whenever the weather is appropriate.

Kayaking and Rafting

Since a guest at our B and B comes with free access to multiple water sports, Kayaking is no exception. As our guest, you will have access to 2 shared Kayaks and 4 shared Paddle Boards during your time with us.

Windsurfing and Sailing Lessons

For our guests who have no previous knowledge and experience of windsurfing or sailing, we offer paid classes in a place located just a few minutes away from us.

Torch Lake Cruises

Our guests can book a romantic sunset cruise with us to explore the north end of Torch Lake. If you feel like munching, you can bring along your own drinks and nibbles.


With 150 miles of shoreline and crystal clear waters, there is plenty of opportunity to fish. The waters are rich in various species of fish including Trout, the Burbot, Atlantic Salmon, Perch, Pike, Walleye, Bass, Rock Bass, Smallmouth bass, Crappie, White Fish, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Yellow Perch, Ciscoes, and White Fish. You can bring your fishing rod and compete with friends in self-hosted fishing competitions.

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

For some fun rush of adrenaline and a great way to really wake up your senses, head down to the shoreline and get your hands on water skis and tubes. The feeling of zipping along over water on skis and jumping over big waves as you wakeboard is priceless. Oh and if you just want to bump along on a tube, you can always let a boat pull you along and enjoy. while being pulled by a boat.


To truly savor the beauty of Torch Lake you must take a ride on a boat. Boat rentals are easy to get here so make sure to enjoy rides along the Chain of Lakes Water Trail because the Torch Lake is connected to several other lakes and rivers.


There is a golf course close to our B and B. For those of you who enjoy the elegant sport of golfing, you can choose from a wide selection of excellent courses in Northern Michigan, and pick one that suits your skill level.


You will find several shops in the vicinity of Torch Lake Bed & Breakfast. Ranging from the local art gallery with priceless and handcrafted goods to tea parlors and dessert shops.